Monday, February 1, 2010

Damage- The Scott Summers of DC Comics

Cyclops is well known among comics fans for having a screwed up family tree.  I honestly wouldn't be surprised if somehow he ended up being his own grandpa, cousin, son and mother.  While I don't think DC has any heroes with a family tree quite that screwed up, I think Damage (Grant Emerson) comes close.

Because as convoluted as Cyclops' family tree is, at least he stuck with 1 mom and 1 dad.  Damage has at least 6 mothers and 14 fathers.  (Not including foster family.)

Damage was the son of Al Pratt (the Golden Age Atom) and his wife, Mary.  Vandal Savage had Mary killed immediately after the birth and then began tinkering with his DNA.  Damage received DNA injections from members of the JSA, All-Star Squadron and JLA, which eventually lead to him gaining super powers.

Martian Manhunter ends up being his "principal genetic father" because his Martian shape-shifting DNA is what allowed the mixing of the DNA without Damage dying (although he almost did anyway).

The other DNA "donors" are: two Flashes (Jay and Barry), two Green Lanterns (Alan and Hal), both Black Canarys (mother and daughter), Wildcat, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Hourman I, Dr. Mid-Nite I, Starman (Ted Knight), Ms. America, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, Aquaman, and the Atom (Ray Palmer).  There are possibly others, although these are the ones specifically mentioned.

With such a screwed up family tree, is it any wonder Damage has issues?

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