Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cry for Justice and Robinson's Rambling

Why is DC giving James Robinson five pages to pat himself on the back in Cry for Justice?  Seriously.  At the end of every issue, he gets five pages to talk about character history and his creative process, but it's mostly just tooting his own horn.  (In his defense, he does brown nose Grant Morrison for a little while before turning back to the important subject: himself.)

Normally, writers have to wait until the TPB to prattle on like this, or make due with a single page of their thoughts (if they're lucky).  If Cry for Justice was a great series - heck, if Cry for Justice was a good series, I might cut him some slack.  But it's not, so I'm not.  No writer should be given this much time to talk in a comic unless they earn it.

The worse part of all this is that Cry for Justice is apparently going to have a "resounding impact on the DCU."  That and it's going to lead into Robinson's run on Justice League.  So apparently, we're going to get lots of "heroes" who use immoral means (torture, murder), characters who die without even being properly introduced (three so far) and characters who get their personalities mangled.  The most annoying thing for me is the shock deaths, since I liked one of the characters killed.  Heck, I never liked the other recently deceased, and I'm still ticked at how cheap his death was.

Is the whole "killing off characters for shock value without properly introducing them" something that's Robinson's always done, or did he only start doing that recently?  I can't imagine that his Starman run would be so universally praised if he used such a cheap story-telling technique frequently.  But then again he killed off Blue Devil, Crimson Fox and Amazing Man in a Starman issue that Starman didn't even appear in.

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