Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Justice League of America #38 Preview

I looked at the preview of Justice League of America #38.  I'm not impressed.

The first warning sign is how dour and grim everyone is being.  Especially Plastic Man.  While he can be serious at times, Plas is a fun and upbeat character.  When he starts being part of the "gloom and doom" crowd, it's either an indication of how serious a situation is . . . or really bad writing.

And what is up with that third scan?  This might sound mean, but why would Plastic Man want to see or talk to Angel (the mother of his son)? I can see him wanting to see his son if he thought he was dying, but Angel? The two of them don’t get along.  At all. Unless something’s changed that I don't know about, the only reason the two of them still see each other or treat each other civilly is for Luke’s sake.

The second warning sign is the writer: James Robinson.  Why does his name sound familiar?

Well, he's the guy writing the mediocre (if not outright bad) Justice League: Cry for Justice series.  A series that has Freedom Beast die within a page of being introduced . . . all in order to motivate a hero that he's never met before on panel.  He also killed off Crimson Fox, Blue Devil and Amazing Man in a single issue of Starman.  An issue that Starman didn't even appear in.

Anyone want to bet he kills someone off for shock value in the next few issues?

All I can say is that it better not be Reddy or Plas.  They're the only reason I even skim Justice League anymore.

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