Sunday, December 20, 2009

My thoughts on Dr. Arthur Light

For the most part, I am against the idea that any character is irredeemable.  Even the worst characters have the chance of becoming well-rounded and compelling under a good writer.  I would say that even the most blatantly stereotypes, bland cardboard cut-outs and hated characters can be saved.  99%  of characters are redeemable, if given to a good writer (in terms of being good characters, not in terms of being moral characters).  But Dr. Arthur Light?  He is in the 1%.

Dr. Light needs to die, die horribly and stay dead.  No cameos.  No flashbacks.  No mentions.

DC needs to treat him like the disgusting piece of garbage he has become and pitch him.  DC has been oblivious to the fact that many fans loathe the character.  And not in the way that DC intends.  He's not a character you love to hate.  He's a character that you want to vanish from comics entirely, preferably after a horrendous death.

Ever since he was retconned into being a rapist in Identity Crisis, he has been defined as being a rapist.  He has no personality outside of that, and even if he did, his character would be forever tainted by his years as "Dr. McRape."

But rather than try to fix this, writers after Identity Crisis tried to "one-up" his portrayal as a rapist.  Since the "rapist" personality has gotten old, they aren't going to make him well-rounded.  They'll just do everything we can to make him sicker and more twisted.

He must have more rapes retconned into his past.  He must rape a bunch of teens he forces to dress as the Titans.  He must turn every conversation to rape.  And in the most recent Justice League of America issue . . .


He must be resurrected as a Black Lantern so he can attempt to rape the female Dr. Light.  All while insinuating that's she's a prostitute and that she wants to be raped by him.  And mentioning the time they swapped bodies and inviting her to guess what he did with her body.  And slowly destroying her clothing until she's left naked.  And making threats against her children which I'm sure we're meant to assume mean he's a pedophile as well.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: Dr. Light needs to die, die horribly and - most importantly - stay dead.


  1. Dc needs to fire crappy writers, that's what they need.

  2. Amen to that, although I think it would eliminate half their writing staff.