Monday, January 4, 2010

Comic Shop Joys

I found a comic book store within 15 minutes of my house!  This may sound like no big deal you "city folk," but I live in a small town, so it's a big deal for me.  This place is saving me about 30 minutes of travel, and it's actually better than the next closest comic shop.  (Not to mention in a better neighborhood.)

I entered the store and the first thing I hear?  A discussion about the casting in the upcoming Captain America movie.  I couldn't help smiling a little and feel like I was in a place where I belonged. . .  (One of the many ways that you can tell I'm a huge nerd.)  Apparently there had been rumors that Leonardo Dicaprio might be cast as Captain America . . . thankfully, the rumors have since turned out to be false.  Nothing against the guy, but when I think Captain America, the words "pretty boy" do not come up.

I spent awhile browsing the back issue bins, which were neatly sorted.  The place was pretty dead, but the owner was friendly, it had a nice selection and it helped me fill in some of the gaps in my collection.  I really wish I'd known about this place sooner . . .

I think one of the greatest joys a comic book fan can have is finding a good comic shop close to where they live.  It's a joy I had not known . . . until now. ;)

(In all seriousness, it did make my day.  That shop just got its newest regular customer.)

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