Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flash: Rebirth #5- What were they thinking?

Some minor spoilers behind the cut involving a character's new costume.

I've never been a huge fan of Jesse Chambers.  But something I've always liked about her is that Jesse has a wonderful trait that most of her female peers lack: the ability to choose a costume based on practicality.  She is a practical, no-nonsense type of character who didn't give a damn about showing off her body.  She was dressing to be a superhero, not a runway model.  Both of her costumes were simple, covered her body (with the exception of her face) and managed to be practical.  (No high heels for this superheroine.)

And she gets a new costume that is (I guess) supposed to more accurately reflect her speedster roots.  And it fails miserably.  Look at it.

A cleavage-exposing, bare legged, short-sleeved costume.  For a speedster.  The last thing a speedster needs is for *ahem* parts to be flopping around while they run, and leaving any skin exposed that doesn't need to be is a really freaking stupid idea.

Her first costume was much better at honoring her father's legacy.  It was modeled after Johnny Quick's, but she modified it, with the most noticeable modification being adding a visor: a simple and practical accessory that could protect from eye injury.  Her second costume honored her mother's legacy rather than her father's, but it was just as practical as the first.

The only impractical aspect of either of Jesse's uniforms has been her wearing her hair down as Liberty Belle.  And now I'm supposed to believe that she'd willingly change to this costume?  Jesse's always been all business and while this costume would fit a lot of other characters personalities, it definitely is contrary to hers.

My only hope is that with the mentions of time travel in this storyline, this costume will be made to have never existed in the first place.

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  1. Guh....

    It's pretty bad. But the fact that they made Iris into the new Impulse makes up for it!!