Sunday, November 1, 2009

Types of Writers, Part 5- Mind-Screw Specialists

Since I've gone several days without posting, there will be two more "Types of Writers" posts tonight (including this one).

Without further ado, let's examine the Mind-Screw Specialist.

Have you ever finished a comic and suddenly know what it’s like to be high . . . and you’ve never done drugs in your life? You just read the work of a Mind-Screw Specialist. The Mind-Screw Specialist has the amazing ability to translate what drug-induced hallucinations would be like onto the comics page. However, the Mind-Screw Specialist relies heavily on the artist working with them, since a truly “trippy” comic pretty much requires trippy visuals.

Being a Mind-Screw Specialist isn’t necessarily bad or good, but it is an acquired taste for many readers. Mind-Screw Specialists often have confusing and hard to follow plots, difficult to decipher symbolism and just plained “messed up” storylines. The best Mind-Screw Specialists will include so much symbolism and tantalizing bits of information that people will be analyzing their work for years to come.  The worst will simply leave the reader wondering what the heck the writer was smoking.

The important thing to remember when dealing with a Mind-Screw Specialist is this: it is not the destination that is important but the trip that got you there.

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