Sunday, November 8, 2009

Overanalyzing Comics Details: Judomaster's Power

The current Judomaster has an unusual power: she can't be hit by attacks specifically aimed at her.  Explosions and unaimed attacks can hit her, but not if you're actually aiming at her.

However, I have to wonder if she couldn't be easily taken down by someone using a more "defensive" martial art like aikido.  Aikido focuses on using your opponents attacks against them, heavily emphasizing throws and holds.  Rarely are actual attacks used.  So, in theory, you should be able to take her down simply by using her own momentum against her or putting her in some sort of hold.

Since she's used to not being able to be hit, she probably isn't the greatest martial artist.  She never actually has to worry about enemies hitting her, so she can just wail on them with impunity.  That would lead to sloppy form as well as an extreme level of overconfidence.

She also seems to think that judo consists entirely of kicks, so that further supports my theory that she can't be that great a martial artist.

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