Saturday, November 14, 2009

Plastic Man Episode Index

Beneath the cut is an episodes list for the The Plastic Man Adventure/Comedy Show.  Why am I posting it?  Because I'm planning on recapping the episodes.  Maybe not all of them, but I'd like to post enough recaps to give people a good idea about what the show's like.

I'd like to write recaps for them all, but I'm not going to commit myself to 35 episodes worth of recaps.  (Not counting the 26 Baby Plas and Plastic Family episodes, which were apparently not included in the Plastic Man: Complete Collection DVDs. I hate false advertising . . .)

This list will function as an index for my recaps, and I'll link to the recaps as I write them.  If nothing else, it's worth a look for the corny, pun-filled titles.  And the amazing amounts of alliteration and assonance.

The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show
1- The Weed
2- Dr. Irwin and Mr. Meteor
3- Wham Bam, Beware of the Clam
4- The Day the Ocean Disappeared
5- The Horrible Half-Ape
6- Hugefoot
7- The Miniscule 7
8- Moonraider
9- Superstein
10- Dog Master
11- Diabolical Dr. Dome
12- Honey Bee
13- The Dangerous Dr. Dinosaur
14- The Spider Takes a Bride
15- Empire of Evil
16- The Corruptible Carrotman
17- The Maniacal Computerhead
18- The Hippotist
19- Badladdin
20- Toyman
21- Ghostfinger
22- Highbrow
23- The Kitty Katt Caper
24- The Colossal Crime of Commodore Peril
25- Terrible 5+1
26- Joggernaut
27- Dr. Duplicator Strikes Again
28- Thunderman
29- Count Graffiti Meets Plastic Man
30- Sale of the Century
31- Plastic Mummy Meets Disco Mummy
32- City of Ice
33- Plastic Man Meets Plastic Ape
34- The Crime Costume Caper
35- The Royal Gargoyle Foil

Baby Plas
1. Introducing Baby Plas
2. The Abominable Snow Sport
3. Baby Plas' Finny Friend
4. The Big, Big Crush
5. Ali Baba Baby
6. Mighty Museum Mess
7. Rustin' Rascals
8. Calamity Cruise
9. Who Undo The Zoo
10. Ozark Family Feud
11. Dr. Strangeleaf
12. Kewpie Doll Capers
13. Rodeo Ruckus

Plastic Family
1. Bad Luck Stroll
2. Baseball Bully
3. Haircut Headache
4. Witchin' Worries
5. Tiger Trouble
6. Clubhouse Calamity
7. Babysitter Blues
8. Sleepwalking Snafu
9. Birthday Blowout
10. Movie Mischief
11. Tropical Trouble
12. Frognapped
13. Mummy Madness

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