Friday, November 13, 2009

No More Event Comics

As of today, I'm swearing off event comics.  From henceforth, I refuse to buy any event comic until they come out in TPB.  Probably not even then.  I may still flip through them or look at scans posted online, but I'm not paying a penny for them until they're in TPB format.


There have simply been too many event comics, one after the other after the other.  I no longer care about how much Final Crisis of Infinite Doom is going to "CHANGE THINGS 4 EVAR!"  Because it's a freaking lieCrisis on Infinite Earths forever changed the DC Universe.  It was what an event comics should be: epic, world-shattering and incredibly well-written.  The entire DC Universe is measured by whether an event happened pre-Crisis or post-Crisis.  None of the recent event comics can claim anything like that.

Event comics are rarely anything but an attempt to boost sales, with the storyline being of secondary importance . . . if it ranks that high.  But no one seems to learn.  Readers continue buying event comics in droves regardless of how horrible they turn out to be.

Comic companies should be focusing on making their regular titles as good as possible.  Event comics are a distraction from that goal.  Event comics continually sabotage the regular titles by forcing the writers to drop everything in order to tie in to the latest event, completely ruining the story flow and derailing the plots the writers have been working on.

Maybe the next event will be different.  Maybe it will be the next Crisis on Infinite Earths.  But I think that's about as likely as my blog becoming the next Internet phenomenon.  Or the devil giving free sleigh rides in hell.

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