Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nitpicking Judomaster

I'll have to admit that I'm not much for Judomaster.  Mostly because I know almost nothing about her personality.  Johns at least gave us some basic idea about the characters that he introduced in Justice Society of America, but Judomaster was the least developed.  I've heard she appeared in Birds of Prey, and maybe she was a three-dimensional character there, but judging by Justice Society, she's a cardboard cutout.

I'm willing to cut her some slack since she's shown the ability to look beyond physical appearances.  (Judging by her relationship with Damage.)  I know pretty much nothing about her personality aside from that, but oh well.  At least I know she isn't shallow.

However, two (nitpicky) things about her bug me.

1) Her constant high-kicks.  Judo focuses on throws and holds, not kicking.  But it seems that the only thing she does in fights is kick.  If her name was "Kickboxing Master" it would work, but it doesn't fit someone named Judomaster.

2) Her name.  Sonia Sato.  Sato is a common Japanese surname.  Sonia, however, is not a Japanese name.  You could write it with Japanese characters, but that doesn't make it Japanese.  If she's supposed to be American, then I wouldn't take much issue with that, since Sonia is a common enough name in English.  But she's portrayed as Japanese, so she should have a Japanese name, darn it!

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